Hello, I’m PDFThings

After months of developing and beta testing, we are really proud to announce that PDFThings – Photos to PDF is now available on App Store!

What is Photos to PDF and PDFThings

Photos to PDF is our first app under PDFThings brand. We are heading to create a bundle of iOS Apps, that will cover various needs, while working with documents on iPhones and iPads, such as converting any document to PDF, PDF optimization and compression, merging, splitting and reordering pdf pages, etc.

All of this app will be free to use, but limited to some features. To unlock all features you will have to purchase on of the In-App purchases (see PDThings PRO section bellow). An important point is – you will have to buy only one subscription at once to use ALL the apps.

You can download Photos to PDF for free on iOS App Store.

Next steps

We have a really huge list of features we want to add to Photos to PDF, which ranges from supporting more cloud storages (such a Google Drive or Box) to a Siri shortcuts to name a few. If there is something you absolutely want to see in our apps please write us.

PDFThings future development relies on how much it will be successful and profitable, however we’ll do our best to keep it updated, implement new features and respond to every support request in the shortest time possible.


If you want to support further development and unlock all features; Please consider purchasing PDFThings PRO with one of these In-App purchase options:

  • Montly Subscription: $1.99
  • Yearly Subscription: $11.99
  • One Time In-App Purchase: 29.99$

All subscriptions can be cancelled anytime.