How to convert photos to PDF on iPhone

If you’ve scanned a document with iPhone or have an image as a JPG file and you want to create a photo grid, it’s often useful to convert that image(-s) into a PDF. Using “PDFThings – Photos to PDF” App, you can even automatically process text within the image so that it’s easily searchable by anyone you send the image to.

Using iOS native tools

You can convert any image on your iPhone or iPad into a PDF file using the iOS print function.

  1. Open the Photos app and select the image you want to convert to PDF
  2. Tap on “Share” button and choose “Print” from the action menu
  3. At the options screen, use a zooming gesture on the image to reveal hidden PDF view
  4. Tap on the “Share” button again to save created PDF file to iCloud or share it via Mail, Messages, etc.

It’s pretty simple to create pdf from photos using native tools, but those are limited and lacks features. For example:

  1. You CAN’T control/optimize output file size
  2. Changing a pdf page layout is not possible
  3. You CAN’T align photos to a grid, or create a custom page layout
  4. Only one pdf page size
  5. You are not able to add any text annotations beside a photo

But you can do this using third party apps from the iOS App Store. Our App Photos to PDF is one that overcomes this limitations.

Convert using Photos to PDF by PDFthings

You can use the ‘Photos to PDF by PDFThings‘ app, known for its PDF editing abilities, to convert an image to a PDF.

Within the app, create a new document by tapping on the ‘+’ button. Then, choose an image(-s) you want to convert to pdf and tap on the ‘Done’ button. Afterward, you can select a page layout or just skip it to use default (one image per page) layout.

Now you can tap on the ‘…’ button and select the “Share” option from the action menu and save it to iCloud or share via Messages, Mail, etc.

PDFThings - Photos to PDF. Share PDF file.
Sharing PDF file created from photos

Photos to PDF app offers various options to optimize and adjust the created pdf document.

You can adjust image compression to optimize overall file size, change paper format and page margins or add a page footer.

PDFThings - Photos to PDF. PDF options and compression settings
PDF options and compression settings

Using Other Tools

PDFThings – Photos to PDF isn’t the only tool you can use to convert an jpeg file or another image into a PDF.

Other apps, too, are available in the app store to convert images into usable PDFs, and they can be useful for snapping pictures of contracts, receipts and other documents on the go when you don’t have a scanner available.


PDFThings – Photos to PDF 1.0.1 is here

It’s fast, it’s clean, and supports Dark Mode! Photos to PDF by PDFThings app is now available on the App Store.

This is minor release and contains some small improvements and dark mode support in iOS 13.

Fully integrated with iOS 13, featuring Dark Mode

PDFThings will automatically switch themes when Dark Mode is enabled. It also remembers which themes you pick in Light and Dark Modes.

Fixed layout issues for 5.5 inch display sizes

There were some layout issues on iPhones with 5.5-inch display sizes. The newest version targets this issues, so you can convert photos to pdf without problems on any iPhone now.

Improved document selection and added sorting options

Sort document by name or creation date using “Sort” button in the navigation bar.

Photos to PDF by PDFThings – Document sorting options


Hello, I’m PDFThings

After months of developing and beta testing, we are really proud to announce that PDFThings – Photos to PDF is now available on App Store!

What is Photos to PDF and PDFThings

Photos to PDF is our first app under PDFThings brand. It allows you to convert any image on iPhone to a pdf document. We are heading to create a bundle of iOS Apps, that will cover various needs, while working with documents on iPhones and iPads, such as converting any document to PDF, PDF optimization and compression, merging, splitting and reordering pdf pages, etc.

All of this app will be free to use, but limited to some features. To unlock all features you will have to purchase on of the In-App purchases (see PDThings PRO section bellow). An important point is – you will have to buy only one subscription at once to use ALL the apps.

You can download Photos to PDF for free on iOS App Store.

Next steps

We have a really huge list of features we want to add to Photos to PDF, which ranges from supporting more cloud storages (such a Google Drive or Box) to a Siri shortcuts to name a few. If there is something you absolutely want to see in our apps please write us.

PDFThings future development relies on how much it will be successful and profitable, however we’ll do our best to keep it updated, implement new features and respond to every support request in the shortest time possible.


If you want to support further development and unlock all features; Please consider purchasing PDFThings PRO with one of these In-App purchase options:

  • Montly Subscription: $1.99
  • Yearly Subscription: $11.99
  • One Time In-App Purchase: 29.99$

All subscriptions can be cancelled anytime.